Wednesday, August 21st, 2019


I’ve been taking a break from blogging for the past month in order to focus on writing and editing deadlines, as well as other professional obligations… but I’m proud to have popped up on one or two other people’s blogs this month in interviews!

Please check out Julie Hedlund’s Blog where I am proud to be the featured author for June, discussing the problem of “The Mucky Middle” when crafting a picture book, as well as Beth Stilborn’s blog where I am equally proud to be interviewed in depth for her Wednesday Worthy series.

I’ll be blogging again shortly with a new series on … Series Writing!

What are the elements that go into creating a picture or chapter book series? How does one establish continuity of style, develop character, or come up with plots that continue to engage? These are just a few of the questions I’ll be addressing… but what do YOU want to know about crafting a series? Post your questions here and I’ll do my best to answer them in the weeks ahead!


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  1. Beth says:

    Thanks very much for the shout-out, Emma!

    I look forward eagerly to your series on series. One thing I wonder about is the market for picture book series. I know that chapter book series are very popular, but although you have definitely succeeded with picture book series, I haven’t seen that many other pb series. So I look forward to you talking about this, as well as the differences and similarities between writing series for different age levels.

  2. Beth says:

    P.S. Both Julie Hedlund and I have recommended “Simeon’s Gift” as our Perfect Picture Book choice of the week. Great minds think alike!

  3. Amy York says:

    Dear Emma,
    I am so thankful to have found your website with all the wonderful information to help aspiring writers! I am a huge fan of both you and your mom. The two of you have inspired my middle son and I to write some children’s books together. I figure with his wild imagination, and my ability to capture it in words, we should be able to come up with some wonderful stories! I have one written, and as soon as my eldest son, who is a graphic designer and illustrator, gets the artwork done it will be ready. My question is, how do you find a trustworthy publisher? I’ve seen many advertise online, but I’m not sure about their reputations. Do you have any advice on that? I want to thank you and your mom for your sincere dedication to literacy and the arts, both of which are very close to my heart, and thank you for all the joy you both bring to so many people around the world!

    Amy York
    Wrightsville Beach Elementary
    North Carolina

  4. Diane says:

    Look forward to your “Series Writing” blog posts Emma. Tell me is it essential that the characters need to stay the same for each book or can they change if one has each book being a different topic but under the one Banner name (if you like). I am thinking more of Chapter book series.

  5. Beth says:

    Of course, now that I think about it, many picture book series are coming to mind — Fancy Nancy, Curious George, Olivia, to name but a few. I’m wondering, for both picture books and chapter books, do authors usually set out with a plan of writing a series, or does it happen more organically, that is, the first book does well so another is written, and sometimes it snowballs?

    I have read (somewhere) that agents and editors might shy away from someone who states that they have a series in mind, especially if the person submitting is a new, untried, writer. (This concerns me, as I have both a picture book series, a chapter book series, and a middle grade series on the go.)

    Another question has also occurred to me. With some popular series (Eloise and Olivia come to mind) I know that additional books have been added by other writers. Although I can see that this would be tempting to do, I wonder if buyers and readers are totally happy with this trend, or if it can be cause for disappointment and the loss of future sales, when the buyer realizes the books aren’t written by the original author?

  6. Kati Brick says:

    Hi! I work for a non-profit that goals is to get books into children’s home- create their own library!

    Our founder, Maria, was 8 when she first had this idea!! We are hosting our first fund raiser this December. I would love to have a book signed by you in our auction. Would that be possible? Here is a link to our facebook page Read Indeed and website

    1 million books by her 18th birthday was a dream…she will make it a reality by the time she is 14. Hope to hear from you! Kati Biddinger Brick

  7. Emma says:

    Dear Kati,
    Your project sounds wonderful. The best way to obtain a signed book is to contact one of the booksellers where we will be doing or have just done a booksigning. (I’m afraid we don’t have the space or resources to keep signed books in our small office!) You can find out where we have recently done signings, or will be, at
    All good wishes,
    Emma Hamilton

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