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Bonus #3 – All About Teacher’s Guides with Marcie Colleen

Emma Walton Hamilton / Bonus #3 – All About Teacher’s Guides with Marcie Colleen

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Marcie ColleenAuthor and Education Consultant, Marcie Colleen, is a former classroom teacher and curriculum creator turned Picture Book writer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education of English and Language Arts from Oswego State University and a master’s degree in Educational Theater from New York University. Her Teacher’s Guides, which align picture books and middle grade novels with the Common Core and other state mandated standards, have been praised by both teachers and librarians. In 2013 she was named the Education Consultant for Picture Book Month and created the Why Picture Books Belong in Our Classrooms Teacher’s Guide which validates the use of picture books across EVERY curriculum and provides teachers with a hands on approach to adapt any picture book for educational use. Her work with Picture Book Month has been recognized by School Library Journal and the Children’s Book Council. Marcie is also the Curriculum Developer for Time Traveler Tours & Tales, which recently launched her in-depth Curriculum Handbook for Sarah Towle’s award-winning Beware Madame La Guillotine for use in high school English Language Arts, History and Drama classroomsAs a private consultant Marcie works one-on-one to guide authors and illustrators to best position their books for school visits and classroom use. Marcie is also a proud faculty member of Kidlit Writing School. Visit her at to discover how Marcie can help you navigate the world of children’s literature and education.

 Click on the image below to download a PDF of “All About Teacher’s Guides with Marcie Colleen” or click Here.

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