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Every night before bed, my children and I go through a list of things, people or events of the day for which we are grateful.  No matter how stressed (or how uneventful) a day may have been, it seems we can always find things to be grateful for.  It’s often said that our outward experiences are a reflection of our inner states of mind, and that in acknowledging and focusing on our blessings, we draw more good to us.  So, in honor of Thanksgiving this week, I’m pausing to count just a few of my blessings a bit more publically.  I have so much to be grateful for, and I know I’ll think of dozens more things as soon as this post is published, but here’s a partial list:

I am grateful for…

  1. A beautiful family that loves and supports me and each other, including a husband who is a superb Dad – and cook! – thereby allowing me to spend so much of my time doing what I love.
  2. The good health that makes it possible to live fully and maintain such a lively schedule of activities, both professional and personal.
  3. Work that is stimulating, challenging, satisfying and contributive – and that stretches me in new ways all the time.
  4. The opportunity to work from home, so as to be where I love to be, doing what I love to do, surrounded by those I love most.
  5. My home itself, which, though not always as organized as I might wish, is a vibrant reflection of our family’s joy-filled, creative life.
  6. Living in a village that is beautiful, historic, rural, sophisticated, eccentric, culturally rich and community-minded – with proximity to the ocean, access to all four seasons, and populated by an endless stream of fascinating characters.
  7. The ability to see creative ideas everywhere, and to mostly maintain a perspective of opportunity rather than problem or even crisis.
  8. The families who read and enjoy our books, and that express that enjoyment to us either directly or by buying more books.
  9. The technology that makes my work faster, easier, more enjoyable and more productive.
  10. Good friends who bring warmth, laughter and insight into our lives and days.

What are you grateful for this week?


11 Responses to “Gratitude”
  1. Suzie says:

    I’m grateful for my family & friends; for the close relationship I had with my mom before she died; for my job; for the opportunities I’ve had this year (one of which was to travel to London to see an amazing concert at the O2 Arena on May 8 . . . ); and for my faith. Happy Thanksgiving Emma to you and your family — thanks for giving us so much to enjoy!

  2. Natascha S. says:

    Hi Emma,

    i`m from germany, and hoping my english iss not so bad. so please excuse for my english grammar 🙂
    i´m grateful for:

    1. Having a warm and gentle partner which loves me like i am and give´s me freedom to be myself
    2. My health and strength to carry on in every time of my life.
    3. My beloved mum and sister, we`re holding together what ever may come.
    4. My work, i`m a nurse, working with older people and i´m grateful to help them cope with their everyday. and that makes me happy every day again.
    5. My 3 wonderful cats 😉

    “only” 5 things, but the most important things for me!

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Libbe HaLevy says:

    Gratitude is an important part of my life, the action that keeps me connected to the endless generosity of the Universal Source (whatever one chooses to call it):
    1. My life, breath and another beautiful day in which to experience it.
    2. Clean air to breathe, nourishing food to eat, clean water to drink.
    3. A comfortable home in a safe neighborhood with great neighbors.
    4. Friends – two-legged and four-legged — and community with whom to share and receive support.
    5. The creativity that informs my work and my life, making every day a discovery of new worlds of thought and action.
    6. The English language – always a source of joy, a challenge, entertainment, excitement.
    7. The freedom I have in the United States to live my life however I wish, possibly the greatest freedom ever experienced by women on this planet.
    8. The bounty of the Earth as represented by my garden, especially the late season green beans, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and the roses blooming outside my window.
    9. Music – the miracle of vibrational sound woven into patterns that endlessly delight my ear and heart.
    10. Nature in all its variety and beauty.

  4. Emma says:

    Beautiful list, Libbe! Thank you for sharing! xo

  5. Beth says:

    Emma, you are posting things that I need to hear and need to experience these days! Thank you.

    I am grateful for…

    1. What is topmost in my mind these days, the wonderful relationship I had with my Mum, my best friend, my support, my inspiration. And I am grateful for all that I see in myself that can be directly traced to her influence in my life. I miss her, but I have been so strengthened by her.

    2. The friends and family, near and far, who surround me with love — including cyber-friends whom I have not met, but whose emails have kept me going in the last few weeks.

    3. The sun shining through my window, and the knowledge that even when it is obscured with clouds, it is still there.

    4. My imagination. I can’t fathom what it would be like to be without that ability to dream, and follow the amazing path that begins with the thought “what if?”

    5. Music. Oh my — where would I be without music? Both others’ music and my own. One of Mum’s oft-repeated phrases over the years has been “I’ll sing, not cry”, and although I sometimes sing through tears, still there is a healing and an uplifting in music that I am so very grateful for.

    6. Words. Language. The ability to express myself in words. And the ability to play with words — they are a delight, and a carrier of deep emotion — such a treasure.

    7. Technology which allows me to connect with you and your insight, wisdom, and encouragement, as well as with the many cyber-friends I have made over the past several years. Those friends are truly a treasure.

    8. Love, in all its myriad expressions.

    9. The infinite wonders of the natural world. My mother (everything seems to come back to her these days — please have patience with me!) took such delight in the tiny evidences of beauty in our world, things others often miss. Our landscape here on the prairies is often seen as barren by outsiders. Mum was vehement in her assertion that there was beauty all around us, but we had to *look* for the beauty.

    10. Life itself. It is an incredible gift, that connects us all with bonds strong and fragile.

    Thank you, Emma — for *you*, and for this opportunity to get in touch with all that which is good in life. Blessings to you and your family at Thanksgiving and always.


  6. Joanna says:

    lovely post… daily thankfulness certainly improves our lives and keeps us focussing on all the good stuff.
    I am very thankful for:

    1. Wonderful friends both locally and around the globe.
    2. Finally having my own garden and space to have a vegetable patch and some fruit trees/bushes.
    3. The privilege of living on the Mediterranean and an hour or so from the mountains, I am constantly thankful for this beautiful area.
    4. Living and working in an international environment and how enriching this is.
    5. Living in a region with great food and wine very available.
    6. Fudge and Marmite, my cats 🙂
    7. Internet for staying in touch and all I learn, constantly.
    8. Access to so much inspiration and soul nourishment in the form of books, live music, theatre, movies, opera, art galleries…….
    9. Language and Languages

  7. Evelyne says:

    Emma, thank you for this post.

    I’m gratefull that there’re people like yourself in this world who inspire us and reminde us every now and then to STOP just for one moment from our busy life and take a look around us and enjoy the good things we have.
    Sometimes we forget that our everyday little actions and activities are not so obvious.

  8. Aileen Beato says:

    Hi Emma, it’s so good to know that there’s always something positive to look forward everytime I open my internet. Thank you for sharing your page with us….:D

    And everyday, I am grateful….

    1. That I wake up with a strong body and healthy mind
    2. That my loved ones are always safe
    3. That I am a Filipino 😀
    4. That I am able to access this website that allowed me to further think that life is really BEAUTIFUL
    5. For all the blessings that come my way, be it small or huge blessings
    6. That I have a granddaughter (child of my niece) who is very witty and beautiful.
    7. That I have my BEST FRIEND who is always beside how happy and sad I am.
    8. That there are still trees, flowers, oceans, rivers, mountains that still make our world great
    9. That I am still music that makes us glow with love and hope.
    10. That I have obtained the book HOME: A memoir of my early childhood and original DVD copy of Sound of Music

  9. Diane Tipton says:

    First of all, I am thankful that you asked this question. My mind has been busily checking off all the things I need to do for Christmas. Thanksgiving has seemed almost like a brief pause in our march to the big event. But I needed your question to put me back on the right path. I have many, many things for which I am thankful. You made me stop and contemplate all the good things that are around me daily.

    Second, I am thankful for the grieving family that saved my life by donating their precious son’s heart when he died tragically Christmas 2008. I would have died that night, too, if not for their generousity. I am also thankful for the medical knowledge and proficiency of the cardiac specialists at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston. They save lives daily.

    Third, I am grateful for the internet. Having to stay out of public for a while due to bacterial issues, I never felt alone or isolated. The world was at my fingertips. I continued to learn, debate, shop, and talk to friends by learning to do facebook, google and blogs. My greatest pleasure is to research a topic that I am interested in. I can travel to any country in any time period with my computer.

    Fourth, I am thankful for all the small things I used to take for granted. I delight when the cool Autumn breeze hits me, swirling around red and yellow crackling leaves. My spirit flies. While I appreciate so much more, I also find that I am giving more. I have found several groups that i donate to because of their good deeds as well as sending books to some friends on the internet that I know have none. It seems like the more I give, the better I feel, and the more I want to give.

    I could go on all night and day listing everything I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. If you have read all of this, I am thankful for your patience! Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

  10. Diane says:

    Oh Gosh, What I am thankful for,

    1. For my loving, paitent and gentle husband, who puts up with my sometimes lazy ways. Who will cook, and clean and garden, and tend to me when I am down, and laugh with me through the good times.

    2. That my Mum’s husband of 5 years is still alive after suffering a serious heart attack recently. For he is the one who can make her laugh and smile. Unlike Beth my relationship with my Mum is not as loving as one would expect in a Mother/daughter relationship and it is too involved to explain here. But I am grateful that he is in her life.

    3. I am grateful that he is in our lives to bring joy and love and stability into my brothers and my life after we have been so long without it. The little guy who is a huge rock in my life.

    4. I am grateful that I have a lovely home and gardens that I enjoy tending to, and share with friends and family. Even those who come from far away are able to stay and enjoy it with us.

    5. I am grateful for my friends near and far. There friendship even worlds away is so treasured, and respected. I love them all, it is there thoughts, there words, there kindness that I treasure most.

    6. I am grateful for a job I have held for over 30years and one I love, working with people I care about and who care for me and look up to me. Though there are pressures there is always enjoyment.

    7. I am grateful for my ability to have paitence. A saying is often heard, that, “I have paitence of a saint” ….lol. I have to everyones delight an ability to be a paitent listener. I like to put down to … “just being there”.

    8. I am grateful for the networking that has allowed me to meet interesting people such as you Emma and enjoy and discover new horisons I never thought possible…. such as writing. To your Mother who first turned my head and hand to writing.

    9. I am grateful for my ability to dream often so realistic that tears are shed or otherwise awake with a smile spread across my face, so is the imagination so strong. What a wonderful gift to have in oneself.

    10. I am grateful for for where I am, for whom I am, the city I am in, the beautiful green clean country with its loving people that I live in. I am also grateful that my husband and I enjoy a life where we can travel around the world, to different places and meet lovely people, where ever and whenever we wish. I would not change anything.

    Happy Thanksgiving Emma to you and your family. I am not sure if you would remember meeting me, very briefly in the Sag Harbour Hotel lobby, on the day after thanksgiving in 2007, during the running of Simeons Gift. It was such a thrill for me to meet both your Mum and You.

  11. Aileen Beato says:

    @ Dianne:

    You’re so lucky you met Miss Julie Andrews and Emma. 😀

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