Thursday, September 19th, 2019

School Visit Wizard is here!

Wizard Banner v3Do you know the #1 way to build an audience of loyal readers AND boost your author income exponentially?

By doing school visits.  

It’s true. School author visits are the single best way to connect with young readers, teachers, librarians and parents…AND they’re a wonderful way to earn additional income.

But I’m always amazed by how few of my colleagues, students and clients are doing school visits. “Who am I to visit schools?” they say, “I only have one book!” Or, “I’m not a best-selling author – why would they care?” Or, “I haven’t even been published yet! How can I do a school visit?” Many experience performance anxiety, or feel that reaching out to schools, getting booked and planning presentations is just too overwhelming.

I felt the same way when I was starting out. I wished that I could have one go-to place where I could learn the ropes, find the tools and resources I needed and have all my questions answered.

That’s why I created School Visit Wizard, the one-stop, comprehensive system to research, cultivate, book and deliver stellar school visits with confidence!

School Visit Wizard is much more than a course. It contains ready-to-use, customizable forms, templates and checklists to save you countless hours and a lot of money. No need to research or create invoices, contracts, flyers, order forms, or anything else — I’ve done it all for you!

The program is broken down into 7 step-by-step modules containing videos, slideshows, documents and customizable forms, encompassing everything you need to know about School Visits, including:

  • How to Research, Cultivate and Book School Visits
  • Whether – and What – to Charge for a Visit
  • Dozens of Suggested Topics for Engaging, Age-Appropriate Presentations
  • Customizable Forms and Checklists, including: Sample Invoice, BookingContract, Presentation Schedule and Details, Backpack Flyer, Book Order Form, Evaluation Form, and more.
  • Common Mistakes and Problems – plus Solutions
  • Managing Book Sales
  • Do’s and Don’ts of School Visits
  • Answers to 60+ FAQ’s About Doing School Visits
  • Insider Tips from Other Authors
  • Virtual School Visits
  • Recommended Resources

PLUS…3 Fabulous Bonuses!

#1Advice from the Experts – Interviews with School Visit Expert Mary Brown and Booking Agent Catherine Balkin, plus tips from fellow authors and educators with school visit experience

#2Presenting Your Work: Developing Presentation Skills, Conquering Stage Fright and Presenting with Confidence

#3All About Teacher’s Guides, with Marcie Colleen

So if booking and delivering author visits in schools is on your bucket list for the next school year, click on the link below…

(But don’t wait! Schools book author visits 6 months to a year in advance – so you need to be planning now!)

To your success!

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