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School Visit Wizard Outline

Emma Walton Hamilton / School Visit Wizard Outline

Module 1 Getting Started: an Overview of School Author Visits
Unit 1 Intro to School Visits
Module 2 Booking School Visits
Unit 1 Cultivating Bookings
Unit 2 What to Charge
Unit 3 Selling Books
Module 3 Creating Your School Visit Packet
Unit 1 The Author Visit Packet
Module 4 Classroom Presentations
Unit 1 Pre-School and Elementary School Presentations
Unit 2 Middle School and High School Presentations
Unit 3 Classroom Management
Module 5 Do's and Don'ts
Unit 1 Do's and Don'ts
Unit 2 Problems and Solutions
Module 6 Virtual Author Visits
Unit 1 Virtual Author Visits
Module 7 FAQs
Unit 1 FAQs
Module 8 Bonuses
Unit 1 Bonus #1 - Advice from the Experts
Unit 2 Bonus #2 – Presenting Your Work: Developing Presentation Skills, Conquering Stage Fright and Presenting with Confidence
Unit 3 Bonus #3 – All About Teacher's Guides with Marcie Colleen
Module 9 Resources and Feedback
Unit 1 Resource Guide
Unit 2 Share Your Feedback
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