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Crowdfunding a Picture Book 101

[caption id="attachment_2708" align="alignleft" width="300"] First completed illustration for Julie Hedlund's "My Love for You is the Sun"[/caption] My friend, fellow writer and editing client, Julie Foster Hedlund, is conducting a unique experiment in hybrid publishing - a process that may well become a model to help small...

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Writerly Intentions for 2013

I’ve written here before that I prefer setting goals to making resolutions, because they feel more positive and attainable, less like resolving not to do something and more like committing to a new behavior or action.  This year, I’m choosing a new word - ‘intention.’  I like...

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Self-Publishing 101

We’re going to be exploring self- and independent publishing this month on the Children’s Book Hub, so I thought I would kick off the discussion with an overview on the various forms of publishing, especially self-publishing. In subsequent posts I'll get more specific as to...

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