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The Series Series, Part 6: Tracking Plot Details

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When it comes to maintaining continuity of plot details in a series, it can be helpful to create a scene chart or a storyboard for each story as well as for the overall series itself. Some novelists use index cards or Post-it notes to build a storyboard, because they allow for manipulation of the sequence […]

The Series Series, Part 5: Tracking Settings

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In the last post, we looked at building, developing and maintaining the continuity of characters within a series. Now let’s look at the same thing with respect to setting. The key to creating an evocative setting – whether real or fantasy – is to incorporate the senses. Many writers describe only what can be seen […]

The Series Series, Part 4: Continuity

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Despite scrupulous editing, some of the most successful series of all time feature notable inconsistencies.  For example, in Eragon, book one of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle, the character of Murtagh has brown hair – but in Eldest and Brisingr, he has black hair.  J.K. Rowling is the first to admit to the many discrepancies in […]

The Series Series, Part 3: What Constitutes a Series?

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There are many different ways to categorize a series. One common way is as a set of stories that feature the same character(s) in different circumstances. Each book offers a new adventure, a new plot, a new problem to solve, but the characters – or at least the main protagonist(s) – remain the same. Series […]

The Series Series, Part 2: Starting a Series

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It took us thirteen drafts to figure out the best way to start the Very Fairy Princess series: with a “day in the life of…” establishing story.  Once we had introduced the character and  her world, other story ideas seemed to flow more easily.  The first book in the Dumpy the Dump Truck tells the story of […]

The Series Series, Part 1: Planning a Series

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I’ve been on a series of deadlines and taking a bit of a break from blogging, but as I promised last week, I’m picking it up again with a series of posts about… writing a series. My mother and I have developed three series to date: The Dumpy the Dump Truck picture book series; the […]