Thursday, September 19th, 2019


  • Have you ever dreamed of writing a children’s picture book, chapter book, middle grade or young adult novel?
  • Do you have an idea for a story but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you written a book, but don’t know how to take the next step?

Whether you are starting from scratch, have an idea for a book in mind or already have a manuscript in progress, Emma’s Just Write Children’s Books home study courses will turn your dream into reality. 

The Just Write for Kids, Just Write for Middle Grade and Just Write For Young Adults courses are fun, focused and comprehensive. No busywork – just first-rate instruction and insight from a professional author, editor and coach who is totally plugged in to the contemporary children’s book scene and dedicated to the craft of writing for young people.

Of course, there are a lot of writing courses out there… some of them very worthy. But many are prohibitively expensive, others are outdated or feature less-than-impressive content, and some are way too complicated.

Emma’s Just Write Children’s Books courses are simple, authoritative and affordable.

Enroll in any one of the courses and you will learn the fundamental aspects of writing for children, pre-teens or young adults, including:

  • Understanding the differences between chapter books, middle grade and young adult fiction
  • How and where to find ideas
  • Developing engaging and authentic characters
  • Mapping a plot and identifying themes
  • Writing evocative narrative, effective dialogue, and successful beginnings, middles and endings
  • Special issues such as anthropomorphism, verse vs. prose and word play
  • The keys to world-building
  • Crafting compelling scenes and chapters
  • Managing sub-plots and secondary characters
  • How to edit your manuscript and more!

Each week, you will receive a specific lesson in writing and editing your story, with corresponding assignments and worksheets.

Within 8-14 weeks (8 weeks for a picture book, 14 weeks for a chapter book or novel), you will have written a complete submission-worthy manuscript in your genre of choice, and be on your way to submitting it to agents and publishers!

You’ll also receive a ton of other BONUSES, such as:

  • Editing Checklists
  • Writer’s Resource Guides
  • Query and Submission Guidelines
  • Lists of publishers that accept un-agented manuscripts
  • Discounts off of Emma’s editing services … and more!

Joyful reading experiences are among the most important gifts we can give our children…. And the children’s book market needs a fresh influx of compelling, quality books every year.

Now you can make your own contribution to the wonderful, rewarding world of children’s literature and touch the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Take the first step toward making your dream come true TODAY by clicking on this link for more information:


EmmaHAMILTONOne-to-One Mentoring & Consultation Fees & Information

Fee Structure:

  • Purchase individual one-hour sessions: $250 per hour (2-hour minimum for manuscript consultations; first hour provides time for me to review the manuscript and any related materials, make notes, etc.)
  • Use your time as 60-minute blocks, two 30-minute blocks, or three 20-minute blocks (pay for full two hours in advance).
  • If you need to tap me for “quick questions” via email, the same rate will apply to the time needed for me to respond.

Appointments for phone/Skype sessions must be made via email, with at least three possible time slots for each session (M-F, between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, EST)   Email inquiry to: