Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Great Books That Inspire Reading

Sometimes just reading about something in a book can make it seem that much more appealing, and motivate us to investigate it further.  My daughter recently read a book about list-making, and proceeded to spend several weeks making – and posting – heartfelt lists all over our house.  With this in mind, why not choose […]

Why Books Make the Best Gifts

Books really do make the best gifts, for everyone on your list (and especially kids). Here are just a few reasons why: * Books are evergreen – they keep on giving, well beyond the day they are received. They give with each read, and if they are subsequently shared or passed down, they keep on […]

Role-Models=Reading Opportunities

November is National Inspirational Role Models Month. Whose posters are on your child’s walls? Whether its sports, music, fashion, or any other subject of special interest to your child, providing books that speak to a personal passion builds on the association of reading with pleasure. It is also a powerful way to affirm your child’s […]

Raising Bookworms

“How can I get my child to turn off the Gameboy (TV, computer etc.) and pick up a book?!” This is the question that Emma Walton Hamilton, the best-selling children’s book author, educator, and Editorial Director of the Julie Andrews Collection publishing imprint, hears the most often. Whether on a book tour with her mother […]