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Thank you for your interest in writing children’s books!

Emma Walton Hamilton / Thank you for your interest in writing children’s books!

Thank you for your interest in writing children’s books!I look forward to helping you fulfill your writing and publishing dreams!

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with tips and strategies for writing children’s books!

ALSO… I offer many home-study courses and other resources and products for children’s book authors. If you’re interested in learning more about writing, editing and/or submitting children’s book manuscripts take a look below…


Does the idea of learning the craft of writing children’s books from the comfort of your own home sound appealing to you? Then why not consider taking one of my Just Write Children’s Books home-study courses?

Enroll in any one of my self-paced Just Write Children’s Books courses – Just Write for Kids (Picture Books), Just Write for Middle Grade and Just Write for Young Adults – and you will learn the fundamental aspects of writing for children, pre-teens or young adults, including:

  • Understanding the differences between picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and young adult fiction
  • How and where to find and develop ideas
  • Creating engaging and authentic characters
  • Mapping a plot and identifying themes
  • Writing evocative narrative, effective dialogue, and successful beginnings, middles and endings
  • Special issues such as anthropomorphism and writing in verse
  • The keys to world-building
  • Crafting compelling scenes and chapters
  • Managing sub-plots & secondary characters
  • How to revise and edit your manuscript… and more!

Each week, you will receive a specific lesson in writing and editing your story, with corresponding assignments and worksheets. Within 8-14 weeks, (8 weeks for the picture book course, 14 weeks for the chapter book/middle grade or YA novel courses) you will have written a complete, submission-worthy manuscript in your genre of choice, and be on your way to submitting it to agents and publishers… all from the comfort of your own home!

In addition to the course itself, you will receive these BONUSES:

  • A comprehensive Editing Checklist against which to measure your manuscripts from this point forward, and ensure all your submissions are agent-and-publisher ready.
  • A Writer’s Resource List of the essential publications, organizations, websites, conferences and blogs for children’s book authors
  • A Manuscript Submission Guide, with instructions for formatting and submitting your manuscript
  • Unique opportunities to ask questions and share comments with me and other participants throughout the course and beyond
  • A $50 Gift Certificate toward any of my award-winning editorial services, including manuscript evaluations, line editing and one-on-one consulting.

If you dream of writing books for children, pre-teens or young adults… 

If you’ve been trying to find the right course or mentor to help you fulfill that dream… this is the moment to make that dream come true.

Have questions? You can view a list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

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Editor in a Box

And announcing my newest resource for children’s book authors, Editor-In-A-Box!

Whether you’ve just finished the first draft of your picture book or YA novel, you’ve revised until you’re blue in the face but it’s still not quite “there” yet, you’re considering hiring a freelance editor but want to make the most of their time and your money, or you’re ready to submit to agents or publishers but you just don’t trust spell check… this comprehensive revision kit contains everything you need to make your manuscript SPARKLE, including:

  • A 6-step Revision Process for picture books OR chapter books and novels, with specific recommendations for revising your storytelling, as well as your story – in video, print and checklist form
  • A list of Weak, Overused, and Unnecessary Words to avoid, and why
  • A “Grammer Crammer”– basic grammar and punctuation rules as well as common errors to avoid
  • A Guide to Finding, Hiring and Working with Freelance Editors
  • My complete Guide to Manuscript Submission, including information on formatting, queries, cover letters, finding an agent and more
  • Plus Recordings, Transcripts and Takeaways from Interviews with esteemed professional children’s book editors

Editor in a Box comes in two versions – picture books, and chapter books and novels.

Here’s the link to find out more:

PBS Bookmark

Most recently, my good friend and colleague, author and 12X12 Picture Book Challenge Founder Julie Hedlund, and I officially launched our new course, The Ultimate Guide to Picture Book Submissions!

A fast-track course for creating a flawless picture book submission that will land you an agent or book contract!

YOU HAVE TWO SECONDS TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION with an editor or agent when you submit your picture book. Don’t squander your chance of success by making rookie mistakes or sending a ho-hum query letter! Get The Ultimate Guide to Picture Book Submissions!

Here is a SAMPLING of what you’ll get in the Guide:

  • How to Research Agents and Editors to Find the Perfect Fit For YOU
  • Query vs. Cover Letters
  • The Critical Components of a Query Letter
  • How to Write an Irresistible Hook and Synopsis
  • What to Include (and Leave Out) in Your Bio
  • How to Make Use of Comparison Titles in Your Query
  • 50 Real-Life (Anonymous) Query Critiques + Copies of Original and Marked-Up Versions for Comparison
  • Query Letter Dos & Don’ts
  • EXACTLY How to Format Your Query and Manuscript for Submission – Both Snail and Email
  • Follow-Up Etiquette
  • How to Evaluate an Offer of Representation
  • Agent and Contract Red Flags to Look Out For
  • Answers to Dozens of Frequently Asked Questions

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Now here’s that other FREE gift I promised….

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To your success!