Friday, September 20th, 2019

Would You Like to Write a Dozen Picture Books This Year?

12-x-12-new-bannerIt’s the start of a new year… and maybe one of your resolutions is to finally write that children’s book you’ve been dreaming about.

What if I told you that by the end of 2014, you could have not one but twelve picture books under your belt, with all the support and accountability you need to get them done, and you could have submitted them to a bunch of agents to boot?

My friend and colleague Julie Hedlund’s extraordinary 12 X 12 Picture Book Challenge is back for its third – and biggest – year yet, and continues to wow the industry with its success stories.  Scores of 12X12 members got agents and publishing contracts last year, thanks to their involvement in this amazing initiative. Others won fabulous prizes (they’re given away every month – things like free query and manuscript critiques, writing courses, how-to books and more – in fact, this month’s prize drawing is for my own Just Write for Kids picture book writing course, and at the end of the month I’ll be doing query critiques for Gold members).  Still more have had their manuscripts critiqued by award-winning authors and illustrators as well as editors and agents.  Maybe most importantly, all 400+ participants have gotten the inspiration and community support they needed to write the books they dream of.

But you need to sign up right away – registration closes in just a few weeks time, and then you’ll have to wait another year to participate.

Think about it – this time next year, you could have completed at least 12 picture books and maybe even gotten and agent and a publishing contract!

Click here to register for 12X12 in 2014! 


One Response to “Would You Like to Write a Dozen Picture Books This Year?”
  1. Sunny Walker says:

    I’m in my 2nd year at 12 x 12 and am SO excited. Last year I was the typical putz – I let my other “previous” life interfere with my new children’s book focus. This year, I’ve turned that upside down thanks to the encouragement and possibility offered by 12 x 12. So I just say, GO FOR IT!

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