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Just Write for Middle Grade

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Welcome to Just Write for Middle Grade! 

If you have not yet purchased this middle grade & chapter book writing course, and you wish to do so, please click the link below:

Purchase Just Write for Middle Grade

To view Frequently Asked Questions about Just Write for Middle Grade, click here: Just Write for Middle Grade FAQ’s

If you have purchased Just Write for Middle Grade and are ready to begin, please click on Module 1, Unit 1 below.

Below is the syllabus of everything Just Write for Middle Grade includes:

Module 1Overview of Middle Grade
Unit 1What Is Middle Grade?
Unit 2Module 1 Assignments
Module 2Character
Unit 1Character
Unit 2Module 2 Assignments
Module 3Plot
Unit 1Plot
Unit 2Module 3 Assignments
Module 4Beginnings
Unit 1Beginnings
Unit 2Module 4 Assignments
Module 5Theme
Unit 1Theme
Unit 2Module 5 Assignments
Module 6Voice
Unit 1Voice
Unit 2Module 6 Assignments
Module 7Settings and Worldbuilding
Unit 1Setting & Worldbuilding
Unit 2Module 7 Assignments
Module 8Chapters
Unit 1Chapters
Unit 2Module 8 Assignments
Module 9Scenes
Unit 1Scenes
Unit 2Module 9 Assignments
Module 10Sub-Plots and Secondary Characters
Unit 1Sub-Plots & Secondary Characters
Unit 2Module 10 Assignments
Module 11Dialogue
Unit 1Dialogue
Unit 2Module 11 Assignments
Module 12Narrative Details
Unit 1Narrative Details
Unit 2Module 12 Assignments
Module 13Endings
Unit 1Endings
Unit 2Module 13 Assignments
Module 14Revision & Editing
Unit 1The Revision Process
Unit 2The Bonuses!
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