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Just Write For Middle Grade

A self-paced, home-study course in writing Chapter Books and Middle Grade novels for ‘tween and pre-teen readers.

50 students enrolled

The Just Write courses are fun, focused and comprehensive. No fluff, no busywork – just extraordinary instruction and insight from a professional author, editor and coach who is totally plugged in to the contemporary children’s book scene and dedicated to the craft of writing for young people.

Of course, there are a lot of writing courses out there… some of them very worthy. But many are prohibitively expensive, others are outdated or feature less-than-impressive content, and some are way too complicated.

Emma’s Just Write Children’s Books courses are simple, authoritative and affordable.

Enroll in Just Write for Middle Grade and you will learn the fundamental aspects of writing for pre-teens and ‘tweens, including:

  • Understanding the differences between chapter books, middle grade and young adult fiction
  • How and where to find ideas
  • Developing engaging and authentic characters
  • Mapping a plot and identifying themes
  • Writing evocative narrative, effective dialogue, and successful beginnings, middles and endings
  • Special issues such as anthropomorphism, verse vs. prose and word play
  • The keys to world-building
  • Crafting compelling scenes and chapters
  • Managing sub-plots and secondary characters
  • How to edit your manuscript and more!

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