Friday, September 20th, 2019

Illusions of Progress

One more gift from Peter H. Reynold’s workshop last summer:

I.O.P, or “Illusions of Progress.”  Now, for some this may have a negative connotation.  An illusion of progress, as opposed to the real thing… could sound like busywork.  But it’s Peter’s view (and I agree) that I.O.P. can be a great motivator.

Look! I already have a…

– Chapter done
– Page written
– Outline drafted
– Book jacket idea

… I’m halfway there!

Well, maybe not halfway – but far enough along to make it worthwhile continuing.

Here are a few of my I.O.P’s…

– A rough draft
– A title
– Notes compiled on a subject
– Research on other books on the subject
– A few lines that establish “voice”
– A related list of any kind

What I.O.P.’s keep you going?


3 Responses to “Illusions of Progress”
  1. Suzie says:

    My I.O.P.’s include

    – an idea
    – an outline
    – a sentence that just punches!
    – a blog written
    – a promise to keep trying 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    My I.O.P.s include

    – a solid idea of who the characters are
    – fleshed-out character profiles
    – the first couple of chapters of a novel
    – the first rapidly-written rough draft of a picture book
    – research into the topic of the book
    – a list of books on the general topic compiled, and reading started (this usually happens AFTER the first draft, so that my mind is clear for my own writing at first)

    Great thoughts to ponder, Emma. Thank you!

  3. Diane says:

    My I.O.P.’s

    -1st draft of novel completed
    -title sorted
    -1st chapter rewritten completed
    -character profile completed
    -research -ongoing

    -rough draft of picture book completed
    -title sorted
    -character profile completed
    -photos chosen-help with background material sorted.

    Great idea, we could use this on the Childrens’ Hub.

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