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Emma Walton Hamilton / The Case of The Missing Crown Jewels

The Case of The Missing Crown Jewels

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Who Stole the Crown Jewels?

Twelve-year-old Keira discovers a hat floating on the Long Island Sound. When she puts it on, weird, wacky and wonderful things happen. Little does she know that she will soon be on a secret assignment thousands of miles away from the sandy shores she knows and loves to the heart of London.

Meet Keira, a girl with a vivid imagination, bright red hair, very cool glasses, crazy perception skills and on the shy side; her mischievous puppy Waffles with a nose that can sniff trouble anywhere; and Papa, her grandfather, a retired secret agent who is itching to find something to do.

Together, they created the Keira and Papa Detective Agency for solving mysteries that have little to no real clues. Scotland Yard and the Queen of England urgently need the agency s help to find the mysteriously missing Crown Jewels. Will they be able to find them in time?

Meet the girl who became a secret agent … not even her parents know!

Join forces with Keira, Papa and Waffles on a thrilling ride of suspense, surprise and fun solving The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels.