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School Visit Wizard Outline

Emma Walton Hamilton / School Visit Wizard Outline

Module 1Getting Started: an Overview of School Author Visits
Unit 1Intro to School Visits
Module 2Booking School Visits
Unit 1Cultivating Bookings
Unit 2What to Charge
Unit 3Selling Books
Module 3Creating Your School Visit Packet
Unit 1The Author Visit Packet
Module 4Classroom Presentations
Unit 1Pre-School and Elementary School Presentations
Unit 2Middle School and High School Presentations
Unit 3Classroom Management
Module 5Do's and Don'ts
Unit 1Do's and Don'ts
Unit 2Problems and Solutions
Module 6Virtual Author Visits
Unit 1Virtual Author Visits
Module 7FAQs
Unit 1FAQs
Module 8Bonuses
Unit 1Bonus #1 - Advice from the Experts
Unit 2Bonus #2 – Presenting Your Work: Developing Presentation Skills, Conquering Stage Fright and Presenting with Confidence
Unit 3Bonus #3 – All About Teacher's Guides with Marcie Colleen
Module 9Resources and Feedback
Unit 1Resource Guide
Unit 2Share Your Feedback
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