Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

The Nativity of Our Ideas

Many people around the world will be celebrating the birth of a babe in a manger this evening and tomorrow.   Not the most auspicious spot to be born in, nor the best of timing, or circumstances… but that didn’t stop the child from arriving, or from growing up to do some fairly impressive things. So […]

The Best Children’s Books For, and About, Christmas

The holidays are a time of abundance, and the children’s publishing world is no exception. Every year, hundreds of new holiday-themed books are published, each with the hope of securing a place on the “classic holiday favorites” shelves in libraries, bookstores and homes. With so many choices, parents and caregivers are often overwhelmed, and narrowing […]

Why Books Make the Best Gifts

Books really do make the best gifts, for everyone on your list (and especially kids). Here are just a few reasons why: * Books are evergreen – they keep on giving, well beyond the day they are received. They give with each read, and if they are subsequently shared or passed down, they keep on […]

Maintaining Sanity, Focus and Productivity During the Holidays

Writing is hard enough. On any given day I wrestle with hundreds of distractions – some real, like my children’s needs or my other professional commitments, some self-imposed, like checking email or needing snacks. But when the holidays roll around, maintaining any level of productivity is a challenge of epic proportions.  Between the shopping, wrapping […]

Dumpy Saves Christmas

Dumpy Saves Christmas (Hardcover) by Julie Andrews Edwards (Author), Emma Walton Hamilton (Author) Reading level: Ages 4-8 It’s Christmas Eve on Merryhill Farm, and Charlie can’t fall asleep. There’s a loud crash on the roof – and who should appear but Santa and a broken-down sleigh. Now how will all of the children in the […]