Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Back to School for Writers

Now that the kids have gone back to school, why don’t you? If you find yourself filled with ideas for children’s books and would love to write picture books, middle grade or young adult novels – what’s holding you back? Do you have a manuscript in the works, but you’re not sure if you’re helping […]

How Clean is Your Manuscript?

Before you think I’ve gone all Pollyanna, let me say that I’m not talking about “content” here… I’m talking about presentation. In today’s publishing world, editors and agents are looking for manuscripts that are essentially publication-ready.  Gone are the days of “developmental” editors, and even simple typos or grammatical errors can make them toss a […]

Secondary Characters

Whether your manuscript is a picture book or novel, it can be tempting to create a wide variety of supporting characters to help tell your story.  But too many characters can be hard for young readers to keep track of, and can dilute the focus.  So how do you decide which secondary characters to keep? […]

Editing with a Jewelers Loupe

I had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing middle grade and YA author Maryrose Wood last night for our Wednesday night Writers Speak series at Stony Brook Southampton. Maryrose is everything you might wish the author of a delightfully satirical and superbly written series called The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place to be… smart, witty, […]

Editing Yourself – Find and Replace

We’ve been talking about editing this month on the Children’s Book Hub. Even though I myself am a freelance children’s book editor as well as an author, I rely heavily on my collaborations with editors – at our publishing house, as well as on a freelance basis. My mother and I are fortunate to work […]

Compression: Getting Down to the Essence

The second word in Jane Yolen’s list of ‘ten words every picture book author must know’ is Compression.  It’s a good word, and can be defined as “the reduction of the volume or mass of something by applying pressure” (an apt description of the editing process!)  Among the words I might choose to describe the […]