Sunday, August 18th, 2019

The Series Series, Part 6: Tracking Plot Details

When it comes to maintaining continuity of plot details in a series, it can be helpful to create a scene chart or a storyboard for each story as well as for the overall series itself. Some novelists use index cards or Post-it notes to build a storyboard, because they allow for manipulation of the sequence […]

Mapping Your Plot

In my “Just Write for Kids” course, we spend quite a bit of time exploring different ways to develop plot. We look at basic three-act storytelling structure: Act 1 – Set-up/Intro to character(s) and problem Act 2 – Problem escalates to crisis or turning point Act 3 – Resolution/Character solves problem and/or learns something, grows […]

What’s His Problem? (Your hero, that is)

When writing fiction of any kind, ┬áthe main question with respect to plot is always this: What is the problem? The problem, also known as the conflict, is the thing, or things, standing in the way of the hero/protagonist getting what he or she wants or needs, and as such, it sets up his or […]