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10 Reasons Why I Love to Write

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10 Reasons Why I Love to Write

10 Reasons Why I Love to Write

10 Reasons Why I Love to WriteToday is “I Love to Write Day”!

Here are ten reasons why I love to write:

1)   I can do it anywhere. All I need is my laptop, or a pen and paper. This means I can work from home, or on the road, or from just about anywhere – and I do!

2)   I can do it anytime. Morning, evening, weekdays, weekends – I can make my work accommodate my life instead of the other way around.

3)   I can work in my bathrobe, or even my birthday suit. Most of the time I seem to write better when I’m showered and dressed, but it’s a nice option.

4)   I can turn lead into gold. Everything that happens is a source for ideas. Even a difficult experience can be turned into fodder for a story, poem or book. This can be transformational.

5)   I can tame my wild horses. I have a lot of noisy chatter in my head – writing gets it out, and helps me organize my thoughts.

6)   I love kids. My own, and everyone else’s. I love to write for them. Nothing makes me happier than a child saying to me “I love your book!”

7)   I love to learn new things. Writing often involves research, which gives me frequent opportunities to learn something new. 

8)   I love words. Ever since I read The Phantom Tollbooth as a child, I have always thought of words as delicious – and powerful.  Searching for and finding the just the right one feels like an epiphany.

9)   I love putting “writer” down under job description when I have to fill out forms. Truly.  I think it’s so cool!

10)  I want to make a difference. If something I write can make one child smile, or make one day easier or more enjoyable, I’m living a purposeful life.

Why do YOU love to write?

Emma Walton Hamilton
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