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Connecting the Dots – A Celebration

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Connecting the Dots – A Celebration

Connecting the Dots – A Celebration

The MuseumI’ve never thought of myself as much of a matchmaker, but today I feel like Yenta!

You see, it’s the pub-date of a very special book, one that I played a small part in helping to bring about…

But let’s start at the beginning.

Cast of Characters

Susan Verde – Superb educator, mom and author. Also, beloved nursery and kindergarten teacher to my son, yoga teacher to my daughter, and dear friend and colleague.

Peter H. Reynolds – Brilliant children’s book author/illustrator, esteemed faculty member of the Southampton Children’s Literature Conference, and another dear friend.

Me – Freelance editor, author, Director of the Southampton Children’s Literature Conference, parent of two students’ of Susan’s, and fan of children’s books… especially those by Peter H. Reynolds.


The Southampton Children’s Literature Conference, Southampton, NY, and other environs around the Hamptons, New York and Massachusetts.


Susan Verde, an esteemed nursery and kindergarten teacher for many years, has children of her own and is inspired to start writing children’s books. She writes prolifically, attends a workshop at the Southampton Children’s Literature Conference, writes more, does some editorial work with me, and attends two more Conferences, taking workshops with Peter H. Reynolds.


The Museum, by Susan Verde, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds (Abrams, 2013)

“When I see a work of art, something happens in my heart!”

As a little girl tours and twirls through the halls of the art museum, she finds herself on an exciting adventure. Each piece of art evokes something new inside of her: silliness, curiosity, joy, and ultimately inspiration. When confronted with an empty white canvas, she is energized to create and express herself—which is the greatest feeling of all.

With exuberant illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds, The Museum playfully captures the many emotions experienced through the power of art, and each child’s unique creative process.

“Verde and Reynolds deliver a simple premise with a charming payoff… this “twirly-whirly” homage to a museum is… a sweet-natured and handsome celebration.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Debut author Verde makes an engaging case for understanding art as an experience rather than an object.”
—Publishers Weekly

“The rhymed text captures the excitement of a being sparked by art.”

Needless to say, I am beyond proud and thrilled for Susan. This is a beautiful book – a joyful celebration with a meaningful message. But I am also beyond touched by the dedication:

“To Emma Walton Hamilton, for connecting the dots. P.H.R.”

This is the loveliest business in the world.Museum Dedication


Emma Walton Hamilton
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