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Question: How can you turn one book into multiple sources of income, and continue to promote the original book at the same time?

Answer: Re-purpose it!

Re-purposing means converting the content from your book(s) into as many other formats as you can. Could your book make an audio book? An E-book? A web game?  Is there a possibility for a sequel? Can you turn it into a series? Can you make a picture book or graphic novel version of your novel? Can you re-purpose the same story for a younger audience, or an older audience? Can you adapt it into a song? Can you turn it into a play, or a musical? Can you create a workshop or build speaking engagements around the subject?  Can you offer teleseminars or webinars? What about a teacher’s guide? Articles for magazines or e-zines?  Is there a toy, a board game or another activity you could create? Can you make it the basis for a blog?

How many ways can you re-purpose one product?  In this way, you get paid anew for material you have already created, you offer your audiences greater value and opportunities to discover your message, and you gain more opportunities to promote the original work  – all at the same time.

Here are just some of the ways in which we have re-purposed our own books (and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface.) I hope this list might spark your own ideas as to how your story could be re-purposed as well:

The Dumpy the Dump Truck Series:

  • Currently under consideration for a TV series
  • Pajamas packaged with books for “Books to Bed”
  • Fire safety and awareness package created for Dumpy and the Firefighters

Simeon’s Gift:

  • Webgame based on the story (at
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Adapted into a musical for family audiences
  • Further adapted into a symphonic performance

The Great American Mousical

  • Webgame (
  • Song (“The Show Must Go On”)
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Currently being adapted into a stage musical for family audiences

Raising Bookworms: Getting Kids Reading for Pleasure and Empowerment

  • Blog
  • Workshops and speaking engagements
  • Articles for e-zines and literacy websites
  • E-book

By the way, this principle doesn’t just apply to books. Never lead a workshop or give a presentation without recording it – then get the recording transcribed. You’ve now got the material for blogposts, articles, workshops and more. Always be on the lookout for the ways in which you can parlay your existing materials into new sources of income, and new ways to reach your audience with your idea.

Emma Walton Hamilton
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