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The ONLY Guide to Self-Publishing You’ll Ever Need

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The ONLY Guide to Self-Publishing You’ll Ever Need

The ONLY Guide to Self-Publishing You’ll Ever Need

TWFSPCover2When I decided to independently publish my book Raising Bookworms: Getting Kids Reading for Pleasure and Empowerment in 2008, I read everything I could get my hands on about self-publishing. I ordered Peter Bowerman’s The Well-Fed Self-Publisher mostly because I loved the title – but it turned out to be the only resource I truly needed. I followed Peter’s witty and wise advice from start to finish, using his month-by-month timeline and many of his resources along the way. I even ended up consulting with him on the process, which was well worth the doing.  Although I’d had over 20 books commercially published, self-publishing was new and scary territory for me, and by incorporating his suggestions throughout, I’m happy to report that Raising Bookworms won several awards and is now in its fourth printing.

The great news is that Peter has just issued a brand new, 2014 edition of The Well-Fed Self-Publisher, bringing his already excellent guide current with all the latest trends, resources – and perils – of self-publishing.  I was honored to read an early copy and to provide Peter with a testimonial for his endorsement pages – and since the new edition has just been released this week, I thought I’d take a moment to endorse it here as well.

Peter de-mystifies the whole process of self-publishing and makes it feel easy and doable, thanks to his accessible, irreverent and reader-friendly style. In addition to all the great content that was already in the book, like “Learning to Love S&M (Sales and Marketing),” “How to Build a Book” and “Into Hot Little Hands—Wholesalers, Distributors, Fulfillment Companies, and More…”, Peter delves into navigating the “ Jungle,” as well as Print-on-Demand, E-Books, SpinOffs, Booksignings, Social Media, Websites and more. There’s powerful information here even if you’re still set on being commercially published and have no intention of self-publishing. But for anyone remotely interested in jumping on the self-publishing bullet train, this is a MUST-read.



Emma Walton Hamilton
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