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School Visit Wizard

School Visit Wizard is the one-stop, comprehensive system to cultivate, book and deliver stellar school visits with confidence.

41 students enrolled

School author visits are the #1 way to connect with readers, teachers, librarians and parents…AND earn additional income in the process!

The program is broken down into 7 step-by-step modules containing videos, slideshows, documents and customizable forms, encompassing everything you need to know about School Visits, including:

  • How to Research, Cultivate and Book School Visits
  • Whether – and What – to Charge for a Visit
  • Dozens of Suggested Topics for Engaging, Age-Appropriate Presentations
  • Customizable Forms and Checklists, including: Sample Invoice, BookingContract, Presentation Schedule and Details, Backpack Flyer, Book Order Form, Evaluation Form, and more.
  • Common Mistakes and Problems – plus Solutions
  • Managing Book Sales
  • Do’s and Don’ts of School Visits
  • Answers to 60+ FAQ’s About Doing School Visits
  • Insider Tips from Other Authors
  • Virtual School Visits
  • Recommended Resources

PLUS…3 Fabulous Bonuses!

#1 – Advice from the Experts – Interviews with School Visit Expert Mary Brown and Booking Agent Catherine Balkin, plus tips from fellow authors and educators with school visit experience

#2 – Presenting Your Work: Developing Presentation Skills, Conquering Stage Fright and Presenting with Confidence

#3 – All About Teacher’s Guides, with Marcie Colleen

So if booking and delivering author visits in schools is on your bucket list for the next school year, click here:

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