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Emma Walton Hamilton / Editor-In-A-Box for Picture Books

Editor-In-A-Box for Picture Books


Everything you need to take your picture book through the revision process and prepare it for submission to editors and agents, including.


  • A comprehensive 6-step revision process with specific recommendations for revising your story as well as your storytelling – in video, print and checklist form.
  • Lists of overused and unnecessary words, basic grammar and punctuation rules and commonly made errors
  • Manuscript formatting guidelines
  • Finding, Hiring and Working with Freelance Editors and Manuscript Submission Guides
  • Recordings, Transcripts and Takeaways from Interviews with three esteemed professional children’s book editors

Before you hire a freelance editor, before you submit to an agent or publisher, put your manuscript through a soup-to-nuts revision process that will make it sparkle!

Editor-In-A-Box for Picture Books

ONLY $197 (Reg. Price $250)


What is Editor in a Box?

Whether you need help with any aspect of revision or are ready to put the final polish on your work, Editor in a Box contains everything you need to get your picture book, chapter book or middle grade or YA novel into the best possible shape for submission to agents, editors and publishers. The kit includes a 6-Step Revision Process, a list of “Weak, Overused and Unnecessary Words”, a “Grammar Crammer”, manuscript formatting guidelines, a “Guide to Finding, Hiring and Working with Freelance Editors”, a complete “Guide to Manuscript Submission” and interviews with esteemed professional children’s book editors. Editor in a Box will help you get your manuscript into shape so that you can make the most of an editing session or a submission.

How does Editor in a Box work?

Editor in a Box is entirely self-paced. You gain access to all the materials the same day of purchase and you can begin right away or wait until you feel your manuscript is ready to be edited. The kit includes videos, audio, documents and checklists that you can print out to work with or access online. The materials I provide you with can be used again and again for future manuscripts as well!

How do I know which Editor in a Box is right for me? What is the difference between the two?

Both versions of Editor in a Box contain similar materials, but each kit is specific to its format. In particular, the 6-Step Revision Process for each kit is very different as well as the expert editors that Emma has interviewed.

Editor in a Box for Picture Books provides tips and information relating to the picture book format, a 32-page book with illustrations and text aimed at children up to age 7.

Editor in a Box for Chapter Books and Novels looks to assist those writing chapter books, middle grade and young adult fiction. These manuscripts are longer and include less (if any) illustrations.

How much does Editor in a Box cost?

Both versions of Editor in a Box cost $197.

When can I start Editor in a Box?

The moment you purchase Editor in a Box, you can begin to dig in to all of the information I’ve provided you with. While the kit is set up in a specific order, feel free to jump around to the topics that are most important and relevant to you.

I do not yet have a finished manuscript, will this product help me?

Of course. Editor in a Box can help you with any part of your revision, whether it’s your whole manuscript, a chapter or a few pages! The kit comes with worksheets on grammar and overused words, things that can be applied to specific parts of your manuscript. You also can listen to the expert advice for inspiration about works in progress.

Am I able to re-use Editor in a Box for future manuscripts?

Of course! Editor in a Box is intended to be evergreen, meaning you can use it again and again on future manuscripts. This product allows you to get your manuscript in the best shape possible before submitting to a freelance editor or before submitting to an agent or publisher.

Does Editor in a Box help me with the submission process?

Editor in a Box does come with a Guide to Manuscript Submission, but this guide only covers the basics of the submission process. If you are looking for help with the submission process, my friend Julie Hedlund and I recently launched The Complete Picture Book Submissions System. Our Complete Picture Book Submissions System walks you through every step of the submission process. From researching agents and editors to creating a captivating query; from formatting your manuscript correctly to evaluating an offer – and MORE – our System has you covered. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.

Do I have to live in the United States?

No! Editor in a Box is delivered to you at home, wherever you are in the world, via the internet. Once you make your payment, you will gain immediate access to the website which contains all of the materials associated with the course/product you’ve purchased. Please note that the course is delivered in English. Unfortunately I am not yet able to translate it to other languages.

Will I have the opportunity to ask questions of Emma?

The best way to ask me your specific questions is to leave a comment on the unit pertaining to the question you have. I will answer your questions as soon as I can.

Is there a Facebook group?

No. Editor in a Box is mainly based around self-editing and is not a paced course, thus the need for a Facebook group is not necessary. If you do have any comments or questions, each unit has an area to post comments while allows for some discussion between users.

Is there a refund policy if Editor in a Box is not for me?

Yes. Editor in a Box has a 30 day money back guarantee. Please let us know as soon as possible if this product is not for you.

I am having technical difficulties (logging in, accessing materials, downloading materials)

If you are having trouble logging into the website or accessing the product you’ve purchased, please email We will help you as soon as we possibly can. If your issue is with downloading materials, be sure to take a look at our download instructions page first. If you are still having trouble, email us.

Still have questions?