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Emma Walton Hamilton / Lilibet The Brave: The Unusual Childhood of an Unlikely Queen

Lilibet The Brave: The Unusual Childhood of an Unlikely Queen

The sheltered Princess Lilibet faces uncertainty and fear when war breaks out. Through her struggles, she learns about bravery and it shapes her reign as Queen. This unique picture book tells the story of World War II and the Queen’s childhood in an engaging and inspiring way.

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January 6, 2023

Beautiful Book

A beautifully written and illustrated book.

Jan M.
December 27, 2022

Historically accurate with delightful illustrations

Katy has written a book for all ages. While it is classified as a children’s book, adults of all ages will love this portrayal of young, spirited Lilibet’s life as she grows into the role she was destined to play. The illustrations are beautifully simple and endearing. At the back of the book, Katy has included a more detailed history of the times and the events that occurred. This book is a keepsake and should be shared with generations to come.

December 14, 2022

A beautiful message for ALL ages!

A beautifully illustrated book rich with history and lessons we can all learn from. To “Reach out to help, even when it’s hard….do it with all of your heart.” It encourages readers to look for little ways to serve, right where you are! From children to adults, this book is easily enjoyed by all ages and will be one to pass down through generations!

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